Do You Dream?

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“What if money was no object?”  That’s the introductory opening line for a dream to unfold.  Can you let yourself go there?  Can you be vulnerable enough to share where a big dream would take you?

We don’t let ourselves dream big enough.  We don’t do enough of the “hard things” to realize our dreams.  We sit in unfulfilled potential. Why is this?  I believe it’s because we think we have to be the masters of our destiny. We give up before we even start.

No matter the age or stage, we should pursue dreams.  We should aspire to mountain top adventures.  Define what it is that you would like to experience; the dream that has laid dormant for many years.  Release it and see where it goes.  Do everything you can to experience the miraculous.  We were created for greatness.  Our God is great and we are His imagers.

“Don’t allow people or circumstances to control your life.” This is a common refrain.  And I agree… of course not.  We must make our own decisions. Yet, almost all dreams are fulfilled in proportion to who we allow in.  We are created to be connected to others, to their abilities and the doors they open for us.  They give and we take.  Or we give and they take.  Dreams don’t unfold in isolation.  It has never happened that way in my life.  And I have experienced the miraculous on many occasions!

Money can open some big doors to walk through. Give you new opportunities you could only dream about. But people will always take you to the mountaintops.


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