Give Your Dreams Wings

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January ushers in hope for the months that follow in this new year. Newness feels good.  It prompts reflection on the past as I move ahead, anticipating what’s in store.  What have I learned?  What must I treasure up to build upon?  Are there things I need to purge, let go of?

I’m in a pensive state.  I have a new-born book that needs much more marketing this year.  I have only scratched the surface since the launch in late September of last year. A spring book tour and multiple bookstore signings are in the offing. Still, another book is writing itself in my head, gestating.  It needs my attention.

Like you, there are many directions in which I am moving.  Things I hope to accomplish. A lot of planes are taking flight.  I must take it all to my great Air Traffic Controller.  Without order and guidance, some of the dreams will not get their wings.  Or there may be unnecessary loss.

Thoughtful planning and best use of time will require daily focus.  I want my planes to take off and reach their destinations.  It’s going to be a good year if I heed the Controller and stay the course.

Have order, will travel.


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