Give Tenderness to Soothe Brokenness

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Photo by Valerie Durnin

I cried myself to sleep after watching the television interviews and reading the news about the Humboldt Broncos hockey team accident. It is a tragedy of mammoth proportion in our neighboring province. The shocking reality is the loss of so many, some just too young yet be taken. They were only beginning to live their dreams.

Moreover, I ache over the what every family member, friend and loved one will face in the journey of healing. The darkness settles over and envelopes the heart as it breaks. It’s a horrific place of suffering to have to wake up in every morning. (I woke up to the sound of my sobbing for several months.) The questions play over and over in your mind like an endless loop.  You become too weary on some days to even stand. The sleepless nights and fatigue take their toll.  Never is there a more important time for the support of loving community to help you through. The outpouring of love across our country and around the world is so evident and encouraging.

This tragedy jolts me back to my own journey from the darkness to the light, to living again, when you don’t think it’s possible. The depth of my pain following the traumatic death of my 18-year-old son in a traffic accident is still difficult to describe these years later. I remember how hugs replaced the need for words. Hugs bring two hearts together, especially when one is scarcely beating. Physical touch is important. Give your tenderness to soothe the brokenness.

For those of us at a distance, we can send loving hugs and prayers in cards and emails. We can also contribute to all the supportive initiatives in place. Miraculous things take place when we act collectively, be it in prayer or financial generosity. We can all be a part of carrying the burden for these families. Our love will help them bear all things on the long road ahead.

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