About the Author

My mother was a captivating storyteller.  Many of my life lessons as a child were embedded in her stories that always ended with a defining moral.  I grew up being shown, not told.  This has been foundational in my life and the way I typically express myself.  I have always been indie!

Nightfall to Daybreak is my first published book.  I’ve been a contributing author in a number of published compilation books.  I’ve studied English and literature at a post-secondary level and was a volunteer editor for several years with a regional outdoor magazine.  Currently, I’ve been freelancing in the field of corporate communications.  For most of my career, though, I worked for an international luxury consortium, with many hours devoted to sales, employee training and event marketing.  Both CLASSeminars and Speak Up conferences have influenced me as a writer and speaker.

People matter.  I’ve facilitated several women’s special interest groups in the community and at our church.  There is nothing more fulfilling than investing in others.  I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me.

Despite adversity and heartbreak in my life, I believe in the grace of God and in the conscious pursuit of happiness.  Allow yourself to laugh, sing and dance again.  Moving forward out of darkness is essential.  Seek the light!