About the Book

Never did it cross my mind that we would one day bury our child. For 18 years, we gave our utmost to his well-being, health, and safety.   We watched, supported, cheered him on and loved him through his exciting advances as well as the disappointments he experienced.  We, the four Walls, were tightly woven into the fabric of a loving family.  But death, the cruel thief, came one evening and claimed him. And though the ‘why’ never leaves, hope finds its way through the long, dark nights.

All loss is tragic no matter the circumstances.  I shattered when Davis died.  Life as I knew it was in many pieces.  We all broke that night.  Re-entry into a new life follows.  It looks and feels very different.  There are empty spaces.  And horrible scars.  But there is also unsurpassed beauty.

Stay alongside me through my love song for Davis.  Feel its mournful yet gentle, encouraging tone.  Every page composes a note in the movement of the song.  May the music soothe you in your own circumstances and stir in you the desire to pursue the joy of daybreak.


The gallery of photos follows the order of the story-telling. Perhaps each photo will be worth a thousand words because the book, Nightfall to Daybreak, uses few words.