Transformational Love

He left this world on June 2, 2007.  The loss of Davis 13 years ago has allowed plenty of time to reflect. Loss is complex and grieving is an intensely personal & sacred journey. His death shattered me and it took time to find the pieces to rebuild a new picture of  life. But loss […]

Bad to Best Timing

I’m reflecting today on goodness, mercy and all the things I am so grateful for. Three weeks ago, my husband received a phone call from a cardiologist following a routine cardiogram (he was born with a heart murmur). He was instructed to stop everything he was doing –  we were at an event breakfast – […]

Promise in the Fireweed

Last week, we were heading west on a road trip through the mountains. Along the way were large tracks of land that had been devastated by forest fires. The many shades of green in the forest were in sharp contrast to the stark charcoal matchsticks that were once trees. We stopped at a few viewpoints […]

Give Your Dreams Wings

January ushers in hope for the months that follow in this new year. Newness feels good.  It prompts reflection on the past as I move ahead, anticipating what’s in store.  What have I learned?  What must I treasure up to build upon?  Are there things I need to purge, let go of?

Message Along the Way

I had a long checklist going on in my head as I sped down the freeway.  Exiting onto the ramp, I was warned by the road sign about the curve I was preparing to negotiate.  If I didn’t obey the road sign and slow down my speed, I’d be out of control and have a […]

Past or Present Tense?

Do I speak of him in past tense or present tense? It confuses people.  Yet, he is never gone from me.  I hold him close, I feel him without his physical body here.  But that, too, is confusing for someone who has never been in my place of loss.