Reminding you…

As you grieve, don’t forget that: -broken wings heal when they’re set properly. -all loss is painful and should never be diminished. -a seed needs to break open to grow newness and beauty.

Past or Present Tense?

Do I speak of him in past tense or present tense? It confuses people.  Yet, he is never gone from me.  I hold him close, I feel him without his physical body here.  But that, too, is confusing for someone who has never been in my place of loss. 

A look at pain

Do you remember pain once it’s over? I’m sitting in that question.  The pain of birthing my children, I recall, dissolved as soon after I was smitten in the crush of love.  The pain faded from memory, where it would never be an influencing factor in the hope of having another.

An Important History

There were two books before this one.  Both still sit on the shelf, half-finished. Just Below The Surface was an examination of loss and longing following the deaths of my Dad and my Grandpa, with their funerals only weeks apart.  A year later, my younger brother and Grandma passed away, months apart.  We were torn […]