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As you grieve, don’t forget that:

-broken wings heal when they’re

set properly.

-all loss is painful and should

never be diminished.

-a seed needs to break open to grow

newness and beauty.

-forgiveness leads to the promised land.

-nothing can be out of control when

God is in control.

-moving forward brings hope.

-it can be painful to remember but

forgetting is not an option.

-we need each other.

-there is breath-taking beauty

around you.

-tears of sorrow bring the joy of hope.

-time will march on even when

you need to sit.

-tears are a testament to deep,

deep love.

-talking through your grief allows

your feelings to surface.

-fear will keep you from

embracing change.

-a spark can start a fire.

-daybreak always follows nightfall.


– Sally Walls





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