Men Grieve in More Isolation

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Men grieve in more isolation, I’ve observed. There were few men who came alongside my husband as he mourned the death of our son. The positive comments I’ve heard about  Nightfall to Daybreak from male readers matters very much to me. Although I’ve written the book as a love song from a mother’s brokenness, the stories have been deeply felt by men. One man shared that he was on a long flight home from a business trip and had packed the book to read. He said he wept unabashedly as he turned the pages, unable to put it down. He shrugged his shoulders as he mentioned that several people stared at him and then at the title of the book as his tears fell. He didn’t care. It was a significant time of healing for him. He had been carrying so much unresolved pain from the loss of his mother. There hadn’t been anybody he had opened up to. But the book opened him up.

Men have appreciated that it is both succinct and honest, using few words. A weary grieving mind cannot hold onto many words. Yet the intensity and impact is there in the storytelling. And a good cry always moves the healing forward. It washes out some of the pain.  It relieves some of the heartache.

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