God Permits Suffering

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Why does a loving God allow suffering? I have suffered many losses in my life but none as great as losing my son. Suffering follows a sacrifice. They are inseparable.

Suffering is permitted by God to enlarge us, to grow our love and compassion. Our suffering touches all of those around us. How we deal with our suffering significantly impacts those in our circles of life. Much is learned from another’s journey. Life is balanced with both elating and heart-wrenching experiences. From this equilibrium of joy and sorrow comes depth and wisdom.

We mustn’t ever waste our suffering. Allow people in. Open yourself up to the authenticity of sharing heartache; only here will transformational living begin.  Isolation is wasted suffering. God doesn’t abandon us when we are broken. He is more attentive than ever. He brings the hands and feet of Jesus to us in meaningful and comforting ways. Choose to connect. It will bless, heighten and, in its time, restore and bring beauty like never before experienced.

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