Transformational Love

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He left this world on June 2, 2007.  The loss of Davis 13 years ago has allowed plenty of time to reflect. Loss is complex and grieving is an intensely personal & sacred journey. His death shattered me and it took time to find the pieces to rebuild a new picture of  life. But loss hasn’t come to mean emptiness. The paradox is that giving Davis up resulted in very full expressions in other areas of my life. It has honed insight, empathy, appreciation. It has brought depth to friendships and definition to love. I find beauty all around me. His death has given fullness.

I think of him lovingly every day. The longings for him still bring me to my knees before the Lord of heaven and earth. The rich memories bring both tears and laughter. I give thanks because I was his mother for 18 years and was blessed to share life with him. His kind and generous heart proved maturity well beyond his years. To say he was enthusiastic would be an understatement.  He oozed passion!

A parent’s greatest fear is that the memory of their child will be lost in a busy world.  Thank you to the many who remember him so fondly. To those who have sent messages and shared stories, you bring joy. On a final note to all, commit yourself to kindness in this troubled world, no matter the cost. Davis did.

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